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Amas consists of three folk musicians who are connected by their interest in traditional music, improvisation and minimalistic expression. The group's name manifests trust in God's merciful love translating simply as "You love me".

Amas, i.e. Helena Kärnä, Laura Iso-Metsälä and Elina Koskela, was formed when Helena Kärnä found the inspiration to interpret the music of Konsta Jylhä, a Finnish master folk musician, in Latin. Konsta Jylhä was the first Finnish folk musician gain international acknowledgement. His spiritual musical work has, however, remained mostly in the shade of his earlier folk tunes.

The group was formed in spring 2012. Their first album Laudo Gratiam Domini was published in September 2012. 
Amas interprets Konsta Jylhä's music in a new way. The group draws its inspiration from archaic aesthetics and love for the Finnish nature. In their music you can hear elements from different musical traditions. The trio plays Finnish traditional instruments such as the kantele and the bowed lyre called jouhikko as well as instruments from other cultures, e.g. the thumb piano called sansula. Completed with song and nature sounds Amas takes the listener at times also to medieval ambiance.

Helena Kärnä - vocals, jouhikko
Laura Iso-Metsälä - vocals, kantele, frame drum
Elina Koskela - vocals, sansula, low whistle